Add "Bike Maintenance" calendar entry

I believe it should be simple.
I’m already using the “Notes” category. But a specific category would be better.
Having a specific calendar entry for “Bike Maintenance” in the diary, where to put what we fix and replace, it would be very useful :wink:


Expanding on this a bit, a full gear maintenance entry system would be great.

Where you can at glance see what gear/components have warnings, or are near warning.
And then you select what equipment or components to replace or reset the warnings on.

So when I do a bike maintenance day, I could select 1 or more bikes, select the chains that are getting a re-wax, select the tires to replace, pads that are being replaced, etc.
And on ski maintenance day I could select which skis I’m waxing to reset those.

There is already something available. Check the settings page for ‘Add gear’

I’m not sure if that was to me; I use the gear tracking system extensively. But I’m suggesting moving the administration of resets and replacements to a calendar event.

My bad, misunderstood your query.

With my stable of 7 roadworthy bikes, I wouldn’t use a bike maintenance calendar system. What I do is as soon as I notice a bike needs attention, I fix it.