Ability to copy and paste a race

To better plan my upcoming weeks (load, time in zone etc), I’d like to copy the race from last week and paste it into next week as a rough estimate as I’ll be doing the same race this week.
I could, of course, create a workout that matches the time zone from the race, but a copy and paste would be a “nice to have”

I hope this makes sense.


Drag the race to your workout library.
I created a folder called previous races.

Then you can drag the race file in your workout library to the calendar.


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Thanks for this. I never thought to drag to my workouts; I was dragging around on the calendar :man_facepalming:

I tried this and the resulting workout has the same load but very different avg power and NP :thinking: A lower NP and higher avg, so a less variable workout than the race itself. Maybe I can do some quick edits of it to get it there.


I guess you can tell that this is due to averaging of the power for each of those “intervals” and/or the sec-2-sec variation of power coming from your Power Meter.

You could ride the outdoor ride as a Course (indoors). Basically, use the FIT/TCX/GPX of that ride and put it into an app which will translate the course terrain (based on altitude data in the fit/gpx/tcx) into a Ride. (Not sure if intervals.icu can handle that tho)

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Garmin won’t allow the workout to come from Intervals if the step count is too high. But it does work by exporting the ZWO, ERG and MRC file for use in other workout apps.

Yeah, I am thinking I’ll use the generated workout as a basis but edit it to add more variability to get closer NP and avg power to that of a typical race.

Thanks everyone :+1: