Wrong crank length

It shows a crank length of 172.5mm. But i have a 175mm crank. Is this a problem worth fixing?

probably read in from the fit file so change it on your head unit

What power meter are you using? The crank length is only relevant for pedal based power. And from what I saw on my head units (garmin and wahoo) you can only set the crank length fir pedal based power meters as well. On both of my spider based power meters I can’t set crank lengths.

Intervals just defaults to 172.5 if nothing else is set (in the fit file, ergo on the head unit)

In the end: if you can set it in your head unit: do it, otherwise it’s probably irrelevant.

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Actually Intervals.icu just displays what is in the fit file. If there is nothing there then nothing is displayed.

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So it looks like the head units default to 172.5 then?

I just noticed the same thing and found this thread in the search. It is in my activities that come from Garmin Connect regardless of which powermeter (crank arm or spider) was used. I have never seen a crank length setting anywhere on my Edge or on Garmin Connect. Power values are correct, so I suppose it is irrevelant what is entered for crank length.

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