Workout load not sum of pace and HR load


When creating a running workout for example, I find it super flexible that you can switch between HR zones and pace!
The only downside however is that when doing so, the load of the workout is only based either on HR or pace but not the combination of the 2.

HR load is 17

Pace load is 22

So I would expect the total sum to be 39. But instead it either gives 17 or 22 depending on what you selected last I guess. See picture below.

Incorrect load

Or is this intentional behavior? Would not expect so as people can choose both in the workout builder.
PS: just starting using the site and this is some awesome work!

IIRC, FIT file standards only allow one type of zone definition, which then affects load calculation. Someone else will have to confirm/deny this.

Tx. Currently the whole workout needs to be performed by power, HR or pace. You can’t mix and match. So for that to work properly for your example each step need to have pace and HR specified. The the athlete can choose how they want to do the workout.