Workout continues to be exported to Garmin even if it is marked as completed


I have a question, currently I plan my workouts with intervals but I have a problem. Today I planned a workout and did it this morning, so I deleted it from my Garmin calendar and marked it as done in the intervals calendar.
But the workout continues to export to my Garmin calendar even though I’ve done it. I don’t know if you know how to tell intervals that once a workout has been done and marked as completed, it should no longer export to Garmin ?

Thanks !

That workout will disappear tomorrow. You can unpair a planned workout from an activity and the automatic pairing doesn’t always get it right so it is better to just do it that way.

In my case, it worked fine, but when I update the workouts in my plan, it exports the workout I did today even though it’s already been done. So I have to wait until tomorrow and it will disappear from my Garmin calendar? Even if I update the workouts in my plan?

That’s correct.

It didn’t work, I updated my plan this morning and applied my updates but intervals again exported the workout that was planned yesterday even though it had already been done. So I think the only way is to delete it from the current week in my calendar, but when I go to modify my plan, the workout will go back into my calendar …