Why does Zone 1 have to start at zero?

I want to have another number other then zero. Is it possible?

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No. Intervals.icu needs to be able to allocate every watt, bpm or pace value to a zone.

wish there would be an option for a “Zone 0” then.

Hey David, just noting on this, I also think it would be useful to be able to rename the zone designator, i.e. where it says ‘Z1’ or ‘Z2’.

I would like to add a recovery zone before Zone 1, but keep the numbering of the zones the same as they currently are so that it fits the standard 5 zones model (Top of zone 2 AetT, Top of zone 3 AnT).

Here is a screenshot of my zones, it would be great to be able to edit the numeric designator Z* as well as the text label, or have the ability like the previous commenter said to add a Zone 0 so that the zone system remains the same, but you can assign low HR below Z1 to recovery or similar.
Screenshot 2023-08-08 105030

Thanks for all the great work, unsure of how difficult this change would be to implement, whether those zone designations are baked in a bit deeper into the source code or if you can just add a Z0 without too much difficulty. Cheers.

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Unfortunately that is quite baked in. Lots of parts of the code just use the zone number as is with a “Z” in front or on its own and zero means “no zone”. The “Z1” designator for the zone isn’t stored and referenced like the description is.

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That makes sense, thanks for the reply. Its definitely not a change that needs to be made currently for the amount of code refactoring that it sounds like it requires. Would be great if you could add it to the neverending list of feature requests incase you ever get there ;). Cheers.

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