Why does Garmin report an error?

Why does Garmin report an error?

The Garmin API has a 50 step limit for uploaded workouts. You need to make those ramps a bit more jagged to cut down on steps.

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As of early June 2021 Edge 1030+ software: 5.00, E1030: 12.00, E830 / 530: 8.00, Edge supports up to 100 steps in a workout.

Information about firmware changes: “Increased maximum number of workout steps from 50 to 100.”

If that’s not a problem, why not increase the limit to 100 steps? At least to check if this has also been changed in the API, has the limit remained low for now?

Intervals.icu always tries to upload the workout regardless of how many steps it has. The error comes from the API so it seems the limit is still 50.

The question has been asked to Garmin on the TrainerDay forum and here’s Garmin’s official answer.

100steps is only for workouts created on the Garmin Edge itself at the moment. I don’t think anyone is willing to create 100 steps on the device itself…