Which metrics to monitor during a grand fondo?

Hi all,
I am a happy user of intervals.icu which provides an easy access to the data produced when cycling. I have a question in relation to the data the step before, I see them at intervals.icu - namely during the race. This Sunday, my season goal no. 1 is coming up, a 220 km race with 2000 HM. It will be my first +200 race. So, my biggest uncertainty is the pacing strategy. I was wondering if any of you have some good advices as to what to monitor during the race. Should I simply watch the zones for watts and heart - and aim a staying in zone 2? Or should I rather monitor the NP?

Hey Morten

first of all, good luck with your event :slight_smile: have fun, that’s a big part of it.

Pacing-wise, remember that for the same power, you’ll loose more time on climbs than on the flat; so generally a good pacing strategy would be keep a lower wattage on flats and save energies for the harder sections. 200kms is a long ride too, so remember that what will feel super easy at km 10 is not going to feel all that easy at km 190 :slight_smile: Ride within your limit and “negative split” the hell out of the course.

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Definitively, do not go hard at the beginning of the ride because you are feeling fresh . Otherwise you are going to suffer later on.
That’s one o the biggest mistake people are doing …

Then, as @Giacomo_Rizzo said, save your energy for the hard section. Thats doesnt mean to ride very hard on harder section. I d say, don’t burn yourself on the climbs !

Yes! Right :smiley: If you want to try something interesting, Best Bike Split allows you to do 1 race pacing analysis for free: I’d give it a go :slight_smile:

On a long ride like that I’ll treat it like a long endurance ride and keep my HR below 80% of max. Climbing will elevate the HR, as will power go up. But that’s me.