Where in my ride is the interval I was notified about?

I hit a new best 15 second power for the season! Love me an Intervals.icu notification email like that. A bunch of my teammates on the same ride got similar notifications. So now we want to compare where in the ride we hit that: the first sprint? that little kicker half way through? the town sign sprint at the end?

How do I find that interval? I see the new achievement listed on the ride, I can view the power curve for the ride, but I want to know location and when, even if it’s just on the elevation profile. I see lots of other auto-detected intervals but not the one the notification made me care about.

I have that on the todo list already. Will hopefully get it done soon!


I’ve been wondering the same. I also look forward to getting some “Nice Ride!” emails from David :heart_eyes:

1104W for 10sec was this mornings email :muscle:

My new target is 3m at 404W coz I’m training to get to 300W FTP too :grin:

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Also would love to see this feature! :slight_smile:

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