Watts per kg on the /power curve

The power curve on the /power page can now show watts/kg (click “Options”) and MAP (maximal aerobic power) if you have a “good” curve (see Determination of Maximal Aerobic Power on the field in cycling - Pinot & Grappe 2014).

I still need to add help etc. and do a few more things.


Is it als possible to add the absolute power for MAP instead of only w/kg?

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Will do. Should be possible.

Just read the paper, fascinating stuff, and great that it is implemented. Unfortunately, it doesn’t seem to work with my data, although there should be enough data points from 1 minute onwards (I don’t really do any 30s sprints). Interested to know why my data doesn’t work and why it never exits the 2SD interval at short durations.

Great stuff! Maybe we can get the Wkg option also for the power curves in activity view? :star_struck:

@david maybe it is possible to add the Wkg output to the power page of an activity?

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I have added “Options” and you can choose watts or w/kg:


Honey :heart:

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