Vo2 Max value, where is it

How can i track this value? Its not appearing, or at least i dont see it.

Intervals.icu will pick that up from Garmin if you are measuring it that way. Look in the Garmin box in /settings.

Intervals.icu will also estimate it using your best 5 minute power on the /power page. Here I have chosen to see power for the last 84 days:

Hi @david , is there a plot for this value? I’d like to see the trend in my Fitness page (similar to eFTP). From my observation, the plot in the Fitness page is displaying data from, in my case, Garmin Connect.

How can i know where the VO2 max numbers come from? I had a VO2 max number published for the first time today ever, while none of my workflow changed.

I record via TR, but workouts (and ICU) sync to Garmin connect / my Fenix 6 watch.

This was my first VO2 max workout in a long time, as I’ve mostly been doing sweet spot work.

Where are you seeing the VO2Max number in intervals.icu? In your Wellness data or on the /Power page? This will tell you where it is coming from. The first is from a Garmin device, the second if based on efforts your have done an a calculation intervals.icu server side.

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It’s on the wellness data, thanks.

It’s strange as nothing changed in workflow, and Garmin has produced quite a few vo2 max values in last few weeks, but I never got to see it in ICU.