Unintentional editing of custom graphs on fitness page on tablet

I noticed that there was a change to click behaviour on the custom graphs on the fitness page (or at least I just noticed it). You used to have to click on the axes at the side to edit. Now you can edit if you click anywhere.

The (new) functionality works wonderfully on my Mac. On my iPad, however, it keeps up bringing up the edit function when I just want to click on a specific day. Now I have to either avoid the custom graphs or swipe to choose a day in order to avoid constantly having to dismiss the dialogue if I don’t click exactly right.

I’ll get used to it, but I’m mentioning it because it seems like unintentional behaviour. If you could revert back to clicking on the axes to edit that would be awesome, or if you can do that just for tablet and phone interfaces, even better.

I have just fixed this. You now need to click/touch the text on the axis. Before you could also touch the gridlines. Tx.

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