Training Load for 10 day training cycles

I’m new to but had it suggested when I asked about platforms which could perhaps provide a 10day training load value rather than the standard week.

I write my training plan to fall in line with my 10day work cycle, so the usual 7day information really is quite meaningless and the TSS/Load values fluctuate wildly.

Is there any way on here to chart the load over different periods?

Aside from this, would I also be best setting Fatigue over a 10day period in the fitness/fatigue charts?

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Hi @Gareth_Montgomery, welcome! You can modify the charts by clicking on OPTIONS->FITNESS DAYS:


And two sliders appear to change both Fatigue Days and Fitness Days values:


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so out of interest if you were on a 10 day training cycle where would you change the sliders to? Is the fatigue days the length of the microcycle?

thanks @devvesa for the images and in depth description. I was aware of this option to modify fatigue and fitness periods which is useful as I assume changing it to 10 for fatigue and 40 or 50 for fitness allows the graphs to be averaged across whole training cycles for me.

What this doesn’t appear to do, which I would really like is produce a training “Load” or “TSS” score added up across each 10day period. The activity tab shows this figure for each week but as these are just random parts of my training cycle they vary massively.

Does anyone know if there is a way to produce this Load/TSS value across a 10day period?

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Gareth: if you make the fatigue period 10 days, then the figure you get is ten per cent of your 10-day TSS. So simply multiply the 10-day fatigue number by 10 to get your 10-day TSS.

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Unfortunately can’t do a 10 day week. It is very much geared to 7 days starting on a Monday.

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@Michael_Webber thanks for the reply, is the fatigue figure definitely a straight average of the total TSS for the period. I’ve cross checked with mine and it doesn’t seem to be the case. Fatigue is described as the “exponentially weighted average” so more recent sessions weigh heavier.

@david indeed, seems to be the case for all platforms. Us shift workers are a minority who aren’t precisely catered for!