Training compliance tracking bug (?)

Hi David,

See the screenshot below. I did one random structured workout this week on my trainer and my compliance in that workout was good, but the overall compliance deteriorated over the week as I did more rides that weren’t structured. Should the compliance tracking only track those rides that I had planned structured work for?

Thats a good point and hopefully I can address it with weekly targets. So your target for the week might be 400 training load, and you only plan 80 load of workouts but compliance would be against the target, not what was planned.

Hmmmm … I hadn’t considered the planned vs structured question … right now I don’t have a weekly target. Typically (for me) when I am doing structured work the weekly ‘planned’ load is the sum of the structured workouts’ load I have planned. When I am following a plan I will also add a workout with a target load even if it is just a free ride (eg. A long endurance ride), so all rides will have an entry.

When I am just riding with no purpose except just riding my bike I will throw in the odd structured workout if I feel a particular need.

I will give it more thought. Am in Whistler this week, so I will be doing more riding than thinking!


Any ideia how can i have 7000% not compliance? Dont know if it helps to undertstand, i use TP calendar export.

The planned workout has come through from TP with a duration of 1 minute hence the problem. The others seem to be ok so I am not sure why there is an issue with this one.

Thank you for the reply, but if i edit in TP a few days after sync it also sync the new Planned Time’? How often it refresh´s ?

  • Everytime i change in TP the planned?
  • Only first time the planned the workout exists?


It will refresh several times per day and when you click the little refresh icon next to the calendar name on the home page. So it should pickup edits so long as the workout is not too far in the past. I don’t know how far back TP goes with calendar export.