Trainer Day has a plan builder


I got intrigued and got myself a premium subscription for a month. Turns out it is a parametrized plan generator with about 7 templates.

“Personalization” lies in the basic quiz you take about your goals and (I guess) analysis of the recent training load from Strava.

The plan it suggests for me is just a repeated progression of the same workouts: low RPM, threshold, long.

I can see that more features are planned, but so far looks much more boring than TrainerRoad Plan Builder with Adaptive Training. Much cheaper though. And should still be effective if complied to.


I’m going to try it too. Probably from next Monday…

Did you try it? Did you get any results?

Yes, I tried it. I can’t comment on the results, because I’m not a racer, and I didn’t go for PRs this year (I only tried to improve my endurance, as I lost a lot during the last 2 previous years, by doing too much HIT instead of focusing on LSD).
I may try it again this Winter: at first, I was thinking about going with Wahoo X (RGT and Systm), but I appreciated the workouts from TrainerDay/Coach Jack last Winter, as well as the “pace” that made the Winter’s training more bearable. I guess that Coach Jack will have somewhat improved, so… yeah, I’m probably going to play with it again. Moreover, it’s the best value for money, I like Alex mentality on the forum, and the app is compatible with what more do you need !? :smiley: