TR workout doesn't show intervals

Whenever I open a TrainerRoad workout, I cannot see the intervals. Is it a bug or am I doing something wrong?

The text from the TrainerRoad workout doesn’t fit within the scope of the workout creator on IntervalsICU.
You would need to edit the workout and change the text so the workout creator recognizes the steps appropriately. See the forum post for more details: Workout builder . Something like :

- 5m 108-194w
- 2m 40%

Main set 3x 
- 4m 185-189w
- 30s 40%

As you can see this is somewhat tedious and since the text from the TrainerRoad workout has values like “4-6 minutes” and “5-8 minutes”, you would need to define specifically how long you want.

Another solution would be to use something like TrainerDay to re-create this workout and then export from TrainerDay into Intervals.ICU since they actually have compatibility with one-another, unlike TrainerRoad and IntervalsICU. You’re basically doing the same thing – re-writing the workout for IntervalsICU. But those are two ideas

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Thanks for the answer. It sucks a bit that it is not shown but I wouldnt go through all of that just to be able to see the workout here.

If you have the TR workout MRC, that would work. (I don’t use TR anymore)

Can I ask you what MRC means? What is itv

MRC is a file version/type that can be exported