Totals - kJs in Power Zones


I do not want to annoy everyone with the full logic behind this suggested feature but sometimes the time in power zone does not give a fully complete picture of effort dedicated to each exertion level.

A histogram based in kilojoules spent can be much more enlightening specially in narrow zones like SS.

The calculation can be simplified using just the midpoint of the zone in W, multiplied by seconds spend and divided by 1000.

However, it can be much more precise if it takes into account a full watt by watt time distribution aggregated by zone afterwards.

Another variation could be accruing the exertion per zone using cumulative load in zone (TSS) as the measured variable.


Thats interesting. I have added it to the todo list. Tx.

Yes, being able to visualize kj per year/season/any other time frame in the Totals section would indeed be great to have. I know it’s possible to add a graph with the total kj per period, but a bar chart in the total section would be even better. Cheers!

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