Threshold HR Run setting not reflecting in workout

Hi @david

I have the following settings

But when I am creating a workout using workout intervals text I it seems to be using a different threshold

Hi @Rohan_EnduroCo

When using 80-84% HR, it calculates the range using your max heart rate. The percentages shown in the settings however, are based on the threshold HR.
To use threshold HR in workouts, simply change it to 80-84% LTHR.

Hope this helps!


Yes absolutely. I have to use 80-84% LTHR. Thank you.

Hi @david ,

Please have a look at this. Activity link

Athlete has LTHR as 167. when feeding

- 100m:00s 85-90% LTHR

it is actually taking 90%-95% i.e. 149-158 bpm.


That athlete’s LTHR for running is 175 … the cycling one is 167: