The "range" should be accoross thr entire range

When building a step with a range, only the lower value takes into account, you should draw some range line that simulates the entire range, examples are:

  • 10 minute a group outdoor simulation when you start 85% and finish with a sprint
  • 30 mintues singletracks

See attached and example of trainerroad range implementation


Not exactly clear to me what you are asking.’s workout builder does do ranges


  • 10m 85% (this is 10m at 85% FTP)

for the initial workout step it should be something like this

  • 5m 50%
  • 5m 60%
  • 5m 70%
  • 5m ramp 70-80% (this would ramp from 70% power to 80% power in 5mins)