Syncing daily weight Medisana scale

Hi all!

I was wondering how to efficiently update my weight from my Medisana scale, it uses an app called VitaDock. I’ve tried pushing the data from Apple Health to Strava but Strava doesn’t change its weight correctly.
My idea now was to use the export function in the VitaDock app and manually change the csv so it fits the format, but I would have to make this like a monthly thing and its quite a hassle. Ofcourse, an automatic option would be ideal! Any tips how to do this?
Also, is it possible to delete all past weight entries in Or would uploading an csv file with all the weights overwrite those (which also solves the problem)?

Thank you

Have you tried yet?

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I think HealthFit will push weight from Apple Health to (tx @slizeray ):

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Thanks, did not know about this cool website! Worked flawlessly

Thanks but I do not have an Apple Watch, but @Giacomo_Rizzo helped to answer my question.