Synch Garmin Connect Weights training (including weights)?


Is it possible to synch my garmin connect weight training (including the total weight) to The heart rate data automatically syncs, but at this point, I think I have to add the total weight manually? Is there a function I’m overlooking? I added my total weights programm including the load of every single exercise to garmin connect so the data should be there?

Also thanks for making this amazing platform available! It’s saving me so much time logging my workouts.

Cheers :slight_smile:

Tx. I added support for extracting total weight lifted from the sets records in the fit file. However summing reps * weight doesn’t match what you manually captured. I only tested one file (Tues 19th June). You entered 4000kg but the file says 2185kg.

You can download the file on the activity data page ( Click “Original Fit File” and upload to to see the “set” records.

Maybe you can figure out why the numbers don’t match? Maybe not all reps are recorded?

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Thank you very much ! Its working now :blush::+1: I accidentally made some mistakes in Garmin connect; like putting 2kg instead of 20kg :sweat_smile:
Also indeed some of the reps don’t get recorded. Not sure why…

But now that it works I will adjust the mistakes I made in the added data. :pray: Have a great weekend

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