Sync Wahoo SYSTM calendar with

Not quite a feature request but thought it was worth sharing as it might help others: I cobbled something together for myself to get my Wahoo SYSTM training plan in the calendar, thought others might benefit from it as well.

There are a few steps to get it working, details can be found on GitHub.

There are a few rides that’s don’t match completely as per the page but is good enough for me to see what’s coming up with an estimate of the load and duration for the week without having to constantly check SYSTM.

PS: @david, thanks for the app and having such an easy API integration!


Thats neat! Tx for putting it together!

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This is just Awesome @Bakermat !!
I am sorry that I’m not tech-savvy and python is out of my knowledge.

@david I know that @Bakermat set up this not as a feature request but… Damned that would be nice (hint, hint)

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Unfortunately there is no public Wahoo SYSTM API (yet?), the script uses your username and password in order to login. That’s fine for one user running it on their own system, less than ideal from a security and supportability point of view if you have to support it for many users.