Switching from strava to garmin/TP

Hi, super newb question… I have all of my activities (including strength sessions which Is what I really want to get imported) in TrainingPeaks, but not Garmin connect or Strava (those have just rides). In order to get my current strength workouts imported here, I suppose I can figure out how to export just those and then import, but how do I import files “over” what is getting imported from Strava? Does that make sense?.

(i’m assuming we can’t use TrainingPeaks to import from, correct? I have to keep that as I have a lot of athletes in there also, but trying to change myself over to Intervals first, and then bring others along)

Would it make sense for me to change to importing from Garmin Connect for future imports and make sure that strength sessions get in there so it all happens perfectly? If I select that option though, will it double import everything, over the activities that are already there?

thanks for reading!


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how does strength sessions get into TP?

What’s the future plan for Strength sessions upon switching over to intervals?

in future, you can either choose Garmin or Strava to have all your sessions and then pick one platform.

Garmin Connect is preferred

  1. Strava has a limited API call
  2. Strava strips out some info like LR Power (if you care about that)

but if you connect BOTH strava and Garmin, intervals will sort everything out and merge everything correctly (for the most part)

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! Garmin only forwards activities recorded on their hardware!


For past activities you can export all activities form TP to a file and upload and extract to a dropbox folder (just create an account there). Intervals will download from dropbox and add missing data and activities and merge existing ones. For future i would use garmin if you use their device. But remembar garmin has limited sync capabilities.


thanks all! just switched it over to Garmin; appreciate the feedback!
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ah dang. so the strength get into TP because that’s where i schedule them; similar to the rides. so i manually check them off. i guess i just need to do that here also, manually do it for future