Swim intervals 1m short in 33 1/3m pool

I’m currently swimming in a 33+1/3m pool and all the interval distance data in intervals.icu is 1m short. If I extend each interval manually in the UI to cover the rest period as well it seems to adjust to the right distance but that then throws the pace calcs out (and is weird because no distance was recorded in the rest period).
Strava and Garmin both show eg 200 but intervals.icu shows 199.
I presume it’s a rounding issue due to the 1/3.
It’s not a problem for the pace/m data and it’s not the end of the world but it just niggles the purist/analyst in me(!) as the best paces for given distances are off - eg 10 x 100 will show no actual 100m efforts so my current best pace per 100 is based on my 200m (or greater) intervals.

It’s like that feeling when you run a 10k… you know it’s a 10k but your watch only records 9.98km and you only realise after you’ve sat down for a couple of minutes. As far as Garmin and Strava are concerned you still haven’t run a 10k :slight_smile:

Is it possible to capture the length of the pool with more precision e.g. 33.333333?

Don’t know. Don’t think so as the watch - Forerunner 955 or Fenix 7 - has built-in pool size settings for 33+1/3 and the ‘custom’ option only lets you set whole metres (which is proper dumb!). Happy for someone to tell me otherwise.
This is with “auto rest” set to off. I’ll try it with auto rest = on next time.

Ok I implemented a fudge for this. If the pool length is 33.33m or 33.333m then it gets treated as 33.3333333333 which sorts out the rounding issues. The distance from the fit file (1999.8m in this case) is also replaced with number of lengths * adjusted pool length so the swim comes out at 2000m.

You can do Actions → Reprocess File on old swims to get the fix. I did Monday’s swim already.

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Superb. Above and beyond as ever :slight_smile:
Thanks very much.

Looks good. All that needs to be fixed now is the lack of speed in the raw data!
Many thanks.

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