Stryd vs Garmin Power and the power profile chart


Looking at the power profile page for running, it looks like I’m pretty much the fastest sprinter in my age group. This is clearly not true as I am a fairly slow runner.
I think that the mismatch might be due to the fact that the databases has Stryd, Garmin and other running power source grouped together.
Garmin power is significantly higher than Stryd, in all the examples that I saw online, that’s why my stats look artificially good.
I wonder if this is the case and, if so, if there’s enough info in the fit files to distinguish this and only compare to specific power sources (Garmin to Garmin, Stryd to Stryd, etc…)



Yes that is the case. I have sorting this out on the todo list.


I run with Stryd. When following a training plan, I use Stryd workout app on Garmin. When in between training plans, I use the Garmin apps.

When using the Stryd app, there seems to be no way to turn off the Garmin power, what I can do when using the Garmin running app. When using the Stryd Workout app, Garmin puts both power values in the FIT file as “power” (for Garmin) and “Power” (for Stryd). When using the Garmin app, Garmin puts the Stryd power value in the “power” field.

Because Stryd is more reliable than the Garmin power measure, I would like to use the Stryd power field in all cases as input for the power in the activity charts and power curves when it is there in the FIT file. Would it be possible to use the “power” field by default, and to use the “Power” field if it is available?

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On my FR255 in the /Run setting/running power/Source/ I set “Accessory Only” mode and my Garmin do not record Garmin Power, only Stryd.
If I forget the stryd I may decide to switch to “wrist only” and in this case I have the Garmin Power. In this case I post-correct the Garmin Power applying a 0.7something factor with intervals (not a good approach but I usually always have my Stryd with me).

I don’t have Stryd, but what happens if you also use an HRM-Pro? That also is considered an “accessory”.

Thanks for your reaction.

I have the Epix 2 and it works alike. However when I use the Stryd Workout App, the settings do not allow me to switch off the running power.

Solved it! :slight_smile:

In Activity > Actions > Settings > Ignore Power data do not click the tick, but adjust the power field to “Power” (Capitalised) and click the tick box “Use for future activities”.



I am sorry but I did not found this option. I want to use the power data of my Stryd every time instead of Garmin Watch. In my case I have the issue when I use Stryd App ; With Garmin App no issue in Intervals.

Thanks for your help.

Thanks! That worked! Is there a way to do “bulk edit” on several activities? It is quite a hassle to fix run activities for several months back…

Unfortunately not yet.

what can i do when i ran a few weeks with Garmin-Power (Forerunner 265), and now changed to Stryd. My power numbers are now a lot lower because stryd is calculating different than garmin as you know.
Now my power charts and all time power numbers etc. are totally wrong and not to use because of the lower power numbers from stryd.
What’s the best way to do here, any suggestions?
Thanks Andi.

I would delete the power data for your older activities.
Why did you decide to add the Stryd?

Rather use Activity List view, filtered for the older runs, then Edit, Update Settings, Ignore Power.


Perfect! Thank you!