Speed & Pace in compare

Hi Dave,
It would be good for rough run training analysis to be able to plot also speed/pace/GAP vs. Avg HR in the Compare tab. At the moment these are not available from the drop down for me.


I have “pace vs duration” and “gap vs duration” curves (like for power) on the todo list and then that will be possible.


What about pace vs HR (just like the existing power vs HR)? That would be very handy for both run and swim. It’s really interesting how much data can be gleaned from those charts.

Yep I have that on the list. Keeps coming up so will get done. Would make sense to make it GAP vs HR for running right?

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I’m sure there will be debate no matter what you choose. For my part, GAP vs HR makes more sense for running. For swimming it’s mute. :laughing: