[SOLVED-WORKAROUND] Clear activity title with a single press

This sounds simple but might not, hopefully it is. I would love to have the activity name text box to show an option to clear the text/title. A lot of apps these days have this option. Background for asking. I like to keep my activity title in sync on platforms and I sync data from Garmin. So that means I edit my Strava title first, copy it, paste it in Garmin connect (has a quick clear button), then edit the title in intervals. Yes, I known select all on a computer or phone is possible, but just doesn’t work as smoothly as a simple click on clear then paste (as Garmin connect supports). Sometimes my phone doesn’t always bring the select all option and then I get impatient en clear the title by backspacing :-/.



Let me know if it’s unclear.

  1. Connect Strava to Intervals.icu.
  2. Edit the Name in Strava or Intervals.icu → This will keep the names in sync
  3. copy paste the name into Garmin Manually.

#2 works because Strava and Intervals.icu has a “relationship” and activity names is one of the things which will Sync. (Garmin doesn’t have this)

As for me, I just edit the name in my BreakAway app, and have it sync between Garmin / Strava / Intervals.icu and have RPE/Feel/Gears sync’ed automatically per (defined) sport as well

I unlinked Strava because I want to make sure Garmin has the priority due to providing the original fit file. How save if it to have both connected ?

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Garmin always (for intervals.icu) has the priority.

Great. I’ll give it a go. Thanks for the tip @app4g


Strava Data is automatically deleted (if a matching Garmin data is found)
Screenshot 2024-04-24 at 2.41.05 PM

The confirmation could not be more clear, thanks!

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