[SOLVED] Timeline not aligned


How come my timeline isn’t aligned between the completed workout and the planned workout ?


Thank you.

Intervals.icu doesn’t try to make those line up.

You can see the planned power, pace or HR along with actual power, pace and HR on the trace charts and those do line up. You can adjust the workout trace left/right using the slider in “Options”.

I don’t display the pauses.


Yet it’s not aligned.

I hope I understand what you’re asking


  • Warm-up 10m 60-85% Pace
  • Tempo 5m 80-92% Pace


  • High threshold 3m 100-105% Pace
  • Recovery 1m15s 50-85% Pace

Recovery 10m 60-85% Pace

I’m sorry. Looks like I do not understand.

I think he means that the charts are not vertically aligned because the bottom one is drawn on a spot where it takes the whole width. The activity chart is drawn on a smaller part of the screen to leave some space for the notes section.
Perfectly aligning them could be cumbersome because you’re not sure how the axis name and values are going to behave… Axis name could be one or two lines depending on the length of it and the height of the graph.

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Ah… looks LIke I did understand your question but you didn’t understand my reply.

Like I said - these 2 items are NOT designed to be aligned.

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It’s a pity that these two items are NOT designed to be aligned.