[Solved] Possible bug on latitude/longitude STREAM

Hi ,
I try to create a gps maps related to power , but when I try to collect latitude and longitude data from stream data , I see only a latitude data from

let lat= str.get(“latlng”)

You need to use lat.data2 to get the longitude data. There is some info here but I need to make that more clear.

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A value over time trace for an activity. Types: time, watts, cadence, heartrate, distance, altitude, latlng,
velocity_smooth, moving, grade_smooth, temp, torque, fixed_watts, fixed_heartrate, raw_watts, raw_heartrate,
left_right_balance, smo2, thb, smo2_2, thb_2, dfa_a1, epoc, hrv, ga_velocity, fixed_altitude, corrupt_time,
core_temperature, skin_temperature, stride_length, w_bal, respiration, watts_alt, watts_alt_acc.

  • type String
  • name String
  • data Object ~ Integer[], Float[], Boolean[], int[] (fixed_watts), short[][] (hrv)
  • data2 Object ~ Float[] only for type latlng
  • anomalies List<ActivityStream.Anomaly>

I was using the “map” API endpoint. (hence, didn’t see this situation)

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let z = lat.data2


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