[Solved]HRSS caculate problem

below is my work informationn
work trimp is 301.8749

	"type": "HRSS",
	"icu_training_load": 170,
	"data": [],
	"resting_hr": 46,
	"lt_hr": 178,
	"max_hr": 196,
	"rSquared": null,
	"trainingDataCount": 100

I caculate work hrss by Elevate methord as

The difference between the calculation result 164.9035 and the icu result 170 is a bit big
I’m not sure what’s wrong

Intervals.icu computes how many seconds you spent at each bpm value for the activity, computes HRSS for each bpm value and adds it all up to get HRSS for the whole activity. It doesn’t use the activity average HR.

That’s probably why it is different?

Thanks david, I used your method to calculate it, and it matches well with the ICU result.