[SOLVED] False sleep data from Garmin Connect


Brand new user here. I connected my account to GC and downloaded the last 12 months activities and everything was correct (there was no sleep data from Garmin).

However, I’ve just imported all Garmin data using the link provided from Garmin and noticed that all of my activities from mid 2020 now have sleep data attached to them.

It was around this time I got a Fenix watch and although I have sleep hours configured I do not use it for sleep tracking and there is no sleep tracking data in GC (beyond the odd night here and there).

So I assume the issue is related to the watch, but I’m not certain if this is a bug and if so who’s end it lies on. Regardless of the cause, is there a way to remove this data without removing the activities? I’m trying to track sleep data but using a different source and I’ve only just started doing so.

I was hoping to be able to filter and edit the activities from the list view but I don’t think is is going to work. Any other thoughts welcome.


Sleep datais in the Wellness data, not in the activity data.
Easiest is probably to download the Wellness csv, modify it and reupload the cleaned csv data.
The fields that are defined to be shown on the calendar are the fields that will be available in th downloaded csv.

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hi, apologies for the very belated reply.

Whilst the process worked fine it does not appear to have overwritten the old data unfortunately. Its not really a big deal at the end of the day, thanks again for sharing the method though.


If you download the CSV and put a -1 in the “sleepSecs” cells you don’t want, then upload it should be removed.

hi David, thanks very much. This has solved the problem.