[Solved] Elapsed vs Moving Time

In Activity view I have “Elapsed Time” checked in Fields but what’s displayed is “Moving Time”. Shouldn’t these be:
a) two separate view options;
b) two separate methods of calculation (by user choice).

…Or am I missing something?

Screenshot 2022-03-14 at 17.56.41
Screenshot 2022-03-14 at 17.56.49

Currently the number displayed for time in general is moving time and only elapsed time if moving time is not available. This carries through into all the values derived from “time” (e.g. totals for the week etc.) so its quite a big job to make it configurable.

The “Elapsed time” in fields is for intervals specifically.

Thanks @david. This file is from my Wahoo bike computer. If I enable the “count zeros” options in the Wahoo device options will Intervals still pull moving time?

I have the same ride recorded by Breakaway but moving time matches elapsed time, presumably because it’s not discounting any zero peddling periods. Yes?

Strange one yesterday.
1h45m ride. Middle lap was 1h36 minutes. I was stopped for just over 1 minute during the ride.
Intervals.icu is reporting total time at 1h36m
I’ve forwarded the fit file onto @David to see if he can have a look

If you add the speed chart you can see something is up. There is zero speed until 8 minutes or so into the ride so Intervals.icu thinks you weren’t moving. That middle interval is 01:36:40 and the moving time for the ride is 1:36:32 so thats just a coincidence.

I did Actions → Settings and ticked “Ignore velocity data” to fix it.


Ah. Perfect. Thanks for looking at this for me. Funny, heading off up the road yesterday the Wahoo auto paused twice on me and I doing 230 watts. No idea why, unless it had something to do with gps signal with heavy cloud cover. I think I’ll just put my speed sensor back on the front wheel

Eu gostaria de vizualizar o tempo em movimento dentro do intervalo. Só consigo ver o tempo decorrido nos intervalos. Não quero que some o tempo de pausa na atividade. como faço?

I’d like to visualize the moving time within the interval. I can only see the time elapsed in the intervals. I don’t want it to add up the pause time in the activity. How do I do it?

Unfortunately moving time for an interval isn’t available yet.

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