smO2 and Thb metrics gone wonky

Hi @david

I started seeing the below last week. I thought it might be temporary but it is persisting.


It looks like something has changed in your recording setup. I looked at one of your older activities and did Actions → Reprocess File and the smO2 stuff is good which means processing hasn’t suddenly broken.

Screen Shot 2021-11-15 at 05.43.22

I had a look at the .fit files with and some extra fields have appeared: is picking up the new fields instead of the old ones. The new fields don’t appear to have good data in them (saturated_hemoglobin_percent = 386 ???).

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I figured it out. Your core temp and skin temp data is going into those fields as well as core_temperature etc… Can you configure things so that doesn’t happen? will pickup core_temperature and skin_temperature.

Screen Shot 2021-11-15 at 17.33.02


Thanks so much for your hard work on this @david

I did reset my Edge 530 about a week ago. It must be related. I have no way to control which fields contains which data. I see Garmin Connect is displaying the graph for both CORE and Moxy data ok.

Ok I have had a look too using fitfileviewer.

Older file:

Newer file:

A different name for the field entirely. I am surprised Intervals was able to display any smO2 and Thb data.

I’ll play around with the Moxy CIQ app to see if I can get this data recording better to the FIT file. I think I added the ID for my Moxy rather than grabbing the first available device, this time (or last?) I setup up the Moxy CIQ app. I’ll have a fiddle.

Ok I fiddled around, removed the CIQ app and reinstalled it. Didn’t use the ID, then added the ID, then I was getting wonky numbers in the data field. Rinsed and repeated a few times and finally got good numbers.

Did a workout

Bad graphs still. Hmmm.

Loaded the fit file into fitfileviewer and we look like we used to:

Loaded an older fit file [7573944703] (from where the graphs look good) and I see the field names look the same to me:


And this has good graphs:


Maybe I am missing something with the naming of the fields :thinking:

The problem is that it has both sets of fields with temp data stuffed into the total_* and saturated_* fields: pics up the first 2 and ignores the others. I could try use the 2nd set instead or try see if temp data is being stuffed into the fields or something …