Sleep HRV from Garmin and "regular" HRV from EliteHRV


I get sleep HRV from my Garmin while i sleep. I also do EliteHRV with a Polar H10 in the morning. Is it possible to get the data from Garmin into a new field called sleep HRV or something, and get RMSSD and SDNN from EliteHRV?

EliteHRV i guess is alot more accurate, but would still be nice to follow the trend from my Garmin sleep HRV.

And also, are there any news on how to get EliteHRV data synced to


On an iPhone, I think I had EliteHRV data get into at some point by A) allowing EliteHRV to sync to Apple Health and then B) allow Apple Health data to sync to Garmin Connect. May be worth trying, and if you’re on Android hopefully a similar path exists via Google Fit or something?

I’ve been using HealthFit on my iPhone for this flawlessly for years now.

(EliteHRV->Apple Health->HealthFit->Intervals)

Does that do rMSSD as well? Thought AppleHealth only did SDNN

Yes… Apple only does SDNN

HRV4Training → Apple Health → BreakAway → (automatic)

HRV4Training does do Dropbox, so every once a while I will just export it to dropbox (manual) and will pull it automatically.

Multiple RHR and/or HRV field sync seems to be a regularly requested feature and I believe is in the bucket list.