Sleep data is not complete

I need your help with my sleep data please. I record data with Samsung Health and Sync all by Health Sync to Google Fit. Google Fit is connected to

Now, there are two sleep intervals in Samsung Health. Yeah, kids… You know… :sunglasses:

All sleep data is synced to Google Fit, but I have no idea for the difference between the Apps. And it seems so, that syncs only one sleep period. I have attached some screenshots. The data from Samsung Health to Google Fit is synced every hour. Maybe there is the failure: If one sleep period is closed, it is synced to Google Fit but later not updated with the second period. Maybe… :roll_eyes:

Unfortunately assumes you do all your sleep in one go. The data model doesn’t support multiple sleeps. My son is 20 so its a long time since I have had to deal with that :frowning:

You wait a few years, and you’ll be needing to get up at least once every night! I’m in my early 60s, male, and an uninterrupted sleep is a rarity! On the bright side I have no kids so never experienced that sleep deprivation.