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I’m using a pedal-based powermeter (Favero Assioma) and since I have different crank lengths on different bikes it sometimes happens that I forget to change the crank length setting on my Garmin or at least can’t remember if I did so.

Hence sometimes I find myself looking through the .fit files to see what crank length I had set, which is quite a tedious process.

Request: I’m wondering if it would be possible to show the crank length setting in the activity fields (as an optional field).

[Side note - for pedal-based powermeters setting the right crank length is crucial to having correct power measurements.]

Many thanks for the great work!

Thanks! I am sure I can sort that out but I am struggling to find the field in one of your recent files. How are you looking at it?

I think I found it thanks to this post: Crank lenght from activity - Accessories & Sensors - Cycling - Garmin Forums

I have added crank length. You can add it as a column on the activity list view. Unfortunately you need to re-process old files to see it and this will undo any interval edits.

I tested on your June 6th ride … hopefully 160mm is correct.

I noticed that you still have the “all blue” calendar setup. You can do Options → Colours to colour code by load, RPE, intensity etc:

Hi David,

Awesome, thanks for the super fast implementation! It works perfectly. Really appreciate it, since it saves me a lot of time going through multiple fit files. (And yes, for reading the crank length setting in the .fit file I did it like in the link you mentioned.)

Also thanks for the hint regarding the color coding of the calendar.

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Is there a way to manually edit the crank length in the activity file without editing the .fit file?

I have an athlete with 165 mm stages cranks and it is showing as 172.5 mm.




Not at the moment. But if the crank length in the file is wrong then so is the power right?