Running pace-based threshold/fitness tracking

Hey David, loving the look of this so far. I wonder if it would be possible to utilise pace and gradient adjusted pace from Strava to add a running threshold pace and therefore use this for the PMC and other metrics?

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That would be possible but quite a bit of work. Don’t runner usually have heart rate at least?

N=1 example; I use a HRM for easy runs (with an alert as an upper limit) but would use pace as the working target and post-run analysis for any other workout or race really.
I’ve tried working out load (TSS) using HR for running interval sessions previously but it comes out quite different compared to pace what with the delay at the start of each rep.
I have it working in a spreadsheet using GAP for the steady paced runs and use lap pace to build up the total load for interval sessions, but appreciate it would be a fair bit of work to get it all working directly from Strava!

Ah ok. As you can tell I am not a runner! I will see if Strava provides GAP info through the API. That would obviously be helpful. Do you mind messaging me your Strava ID so I can go look see. Tx.