Run Randomly - Fartlek workout generator

Hey all! Hope this doesn’t come across as too spammy, it started out as a little personal Python script, then escalated quickly over a couple of weekends.

Run Randomly is a tool that generates random Fartlek workouts and syncs them to your Intervals workout library. From there, you can sync them to your device using the existing Intervals integrations by adding it to your calendar.

I’ve been using it for one workout a week over the last few months, and it’s definitely brought a bit of fun into those sessions.

The Intervals interface does a great job of giving you a summary of the workout on the calendar. For these more random ones, I try to avoid looking at it too much (beyond, “ouch, that middle one will hurt”) to impart the true Fartlek spirit of surprise.

I’d love to bring a bit of randomness into your week, and would absolutely appreciate any feedback anyone has.


Good idea, let me suggest something. Before the download, have the possibilty to preview what we are going to download, just to see if we like it or not.


Great suggestion @CEscorcio. Initially I was keen to keep it a “surprise”, but totally understand that’s not really what most people want out of a workout.

I was planning on adding a screen in between the initial form and the creation on Intervals (partly because it takes a few seconds, and I’ve seen a couple of double form submits already) so I might try include it on there with a confirmation step.

Cheers for checking it out!

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I just love this idea❣
I will try it out as soon as I can!