RPE fed from Strava


Apologies if I’ve missed it, but is it possible to pull RPE from Strava to update an activity RPE in Intervals?

(If I have missed it, how can I refresh it to pull through as mine doesn’t seem to be at the moment)


It should automatically pull RPE from Strava. However Intervals.icu does not receive a notification when you change it so update might be delayed. If you change RPE on Intervals.icu then that value will apply instead and is not pushed back to Strava (the API doesn’t support that).


Ah Ideal! And completely understand it not feeding back from Intervals to Strava if it’s changed on here.

I’ve had a look back and mine doesn’t seem to have pulled through from Strava, do you have any tips I could try to get that working?

I had a look at this and unfortunately Strava doesn’t send this back for the ‘list activities’ endpoint. So the only way to get it to update is to re-sync the activity (“Actions” menu under ride timeline chart). I can’t do this automatically because it will use up to many API calls :frowning: Sorry about that.


i just saw that i had never ever get RPE pulled through from Strava !?
… if it’s strava field wat i thnik called “Perceived Exertion” ?

any idea?

I just had another look and unfortunately when Intervals.icu first receives the activity from Strava that field is not present (not captured yet most likely). There is no notification when it is updated on Strava. If you re-sync the activity it does load but thats a pain so probably best to re-capture on Intervals.icu. The “list activities” endpoint in the Strava API doesn’t return it so I can’t do this automatically.