Removing power data from ride

My Power meter battery failed after 10 minutes on an almost 10 hour ride. Heart rate was collected and appears correct. Is there a way to remove the power data and use heart rate to draw the Fitness curves?

Yes you can click the “cog” icon under the ride timeline chart and tick the “Do not use power…” box. Then go to the activity HR page and look at the bottom to see what the load would be estimated from the HR data. Click the load number at the top of the page and enter that number.

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Thanks David!
Estimate puts me in the red as expected. Got to remember to change out the batteries once in a while.

Similar question. I left my computer at home so 52 mile ride was recorded on Strava app, without power or HR. Strava estimates power but fitness chart here treats ride as non-event. No fatigue bump even though it was a challenging ride. Any way to adjust ride for estimated power?

I tried to use the edit data tool to insert estimated power, but that didn’t work. Also, after entering a number, I get repeated error messages. When I tried to remove that entry, it won’t accept O or undefined, and reverts to previous entry.

Strava doesn’t give out estimated power via their API. You will need to manually enter training load for the ride (look at similar rides in the past and guess).