Profile Photo Update

Dumb question, but where do you go to update your profile photo? I went into settings, but didn’t see a place to do it.


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Very good question, took me a bit to find it :thinking:
Go to the settings page on and on top of that page you can edit your profile photo.
The forum settings automatically adapt but you can’t change it over here.

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Can I ask on what device you are seeing this on? I’ve gone to the settings page multiple times and tried to select the photo to no avail. I am attempting this on my iPhone. on a Linux desktop with Brave browser.
But when i try on my mobile (Android), I’m also unable to change it. Looks like it can’t be done on the mobile…

Rotate your phone to landscape.
There will be a pencil to edit your photo.
Click on the edit and it will show your options.

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Thanks. I got it to work. The photo I wanted to use kept being oriented horizontally instead of vertically. I ended up just taking a new photo.

Tx. I have fixed this. There is now an “Upload Profile Pic” button on mobile.

I get a error code 400 when trying to update my profile picture. What am I doing wrong?

Please email the pic to and I will have a look.

The one you sent me uploaded fine. I have changed your profile pic. I suspect it might have just been too big and the email shrunk it.

Interesting the profile pic on my page is updated but not the forum one :slight_smile:

If you logout of the forums and then login again it will probably update.

Hi there,

What does the purple star mean beside you profile pic? I want I want :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

It means your are a supporter.