Profile pages and public plans/folders now has public profile pages. You can find your profile at the bottom of the main menu:

Information on your profile page is visible to all users. You can add a website and bio and share plans and workout folders with everyone.

In future you will also be able to share custom charts and activity fields.

If you are looking at someone else’s profile you can drag and drop folders and plans onto your library or use the dot-dot-dot menu at the end of the row to do the same.

I am working on plan/workout folder search to find plans and folders that others have shared. This will work better if there are some plans to be found, So if you have a training plan to share please do!


Sweet! I love that custom charts will be shareable. It would be amazing to have access to folders of various charts. Super helpful when trying to get other users up to speed and to learn from others. :+1::ok_hand:


With the ability to share workouts and graphs, would it be reasonable to have pinned threads (or something akin) with links to repositories? It would be handy to have a place to go and scroll through various examples.

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I frequently recommend intervals, but in about 50% of the cases people have trouble understanding what to do with it. The default set of plots is a bit poor for someone without a power meter. Plot sharing will help immensely with this


I am planning to have a description for the chart and screenshot upload. Might make sense to also have a link to a forum post.


To add to #Andrii_Magalich ,
Maybe if you change the current Athletes Tab, the top one, into the Profile tab and just make the Athletes and our connections an additional section to this tab …
One tab less, and when newcomers check the site, they start here instead of on the Fitness tab. ( then maybe with links to the setting, or just some info, when the page initially will be almost empty )

Then while at the cutting down on an increasingly overwhelming site for new joiners, To comment on something somebody said on another post; the Pace and the Power tabs could be joined to one …
( And maybe add the Compare tab to this one … but since few complain, for me, You could just keep it as is )