Power meter battery info

Power meter battery info has been available on the activity list view for some time but I am not sure I mentioned it.

It isn’t always filled in. My PowerTap hub sometimes connects to my Garmin using Ant+ (battery status present) and otherwise bluetooth (no battery status). I am currently using Favero pedals and a Karoo 2 and I don’t get any battery info in the fit file.

I have added PM info to the activity data page:

Crank length will also show up there if it is available.


hi, thanks for info :wink:

I have Fav Assiomas and i record with Wahoo Blot. PM battery is present. Any chance for more detailed info like %of battery?


Any chance you can make the list view able to be scrolled horizontally? To many columns and you can’t see them all.


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Crank length configured in power meter sounds good. I recently bought a new head unit, and found it was defaulted to 172.5 and I have 170 Cranks. FYI I have Fevaro Uno pedal and sync using Garmin, however the fields are showing blank unfortunately.

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Your activities are coming in via Strava which doesn’t pass on that information. You need to setup Garmin download in /settings.

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Cool feature. I checked the PM Battery column but it appears that neither the Karoo2 nor the Elment are filling in the field. Bummer, it would be nice to see Assioma Duo and Di2 battery levels in Intervals.icu.

I thought that might be the case, but it does show it coming from Garmin I think. Shows External ID
garmin_push_9281502315 at the bottom of my most recent workout - Intervals.icu

Think I have a combination of Strava and Garmin sync going on. I will change it all to come from Garmin. Cheers

Yep sorted now. I can see power meter and serial number etc :+1:

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@Lukasz_Pludowski - what app have you connected to intervals? I have the same as you (fav / bolt) but connect using strava which i read does not support this data.


i have strava and dropbox. strava mainly for activity naming and dropbox for dualsided power meter.

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I assume Stryd simply don’t make this info available, or am I doing something wrong?

I don’t know. They might but it also depends on the watch writing the data to the fit file.

This is great. Thanks!

Maybe this is something that also belongs in the ‘Components’ view? It would be great to get a quick overview over the battery stats for the sensors that report it. (The Varia Radar & Power2max NGEco report actual voltage as well ‘good’/‘bad’ and Wahoo head units also report battery status in %, albeit in a different data field).

A battery getting low could also send out a notification email, reminding the user to charge/replace the battery.

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Any chance this could get expanded to all connected sensors (HR & di2 (not sure how to differentiate the hoods and derailleurs))?

Might need to have up to 10 slots available with 2 columns each and have a name:value pair.

Then some alerts for if any drop below 20%.

As I type this I realise the work might not justify the use case but I’ve said it now :laughing:

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It would be interesting to automatically add components matching the fit file to the activity as well :wink: