Power Duration Curve Overlay

I’m new here - absolutely love the website! Thank you @david for all the incredible work you’ve put into this!

Is there a way to add overlays to the power duration curve? A series of category or percentile curves would be helpful in evaluating fatigue resistance. Here’s an example from page 50 of “training and racing with a power meter” by Allen, Coggan and McGreggor.

Tx. You can see some of that on the percentile charts i.e. how you stack up compared to others for different durations. You can use the age group charts or select “Coggan Male” to get the original. But I agree it would be nice to show that on the PD curve as well so this is now on the todo list.



I’ve been playing with the different charts and clearly get a ton of value from them. No rush on the overlay, just think it would be another neat piece for seeking out my weaknesses.

Again, so incredibly impressed with what you’ve done here @david

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