Power duration chart, add coggan "standard" curves


first of all, congrats on this amazing tool you have created.

I was thinking if it would be possible to add a feature to the power duration curve tab?

The idea would be to have the option to toggle on and off the coggan “standard” power duration curves.
An example of what I’m talking about is shown in training and racing with a power meter (3rd edition) figure 4.4.
Basically you see your power duration curve and in a lighter color you see the curves of “world class”, “exceptional”, “excellent”, etc.

I hope my feature request makes sense,



Yes that makes sense and is already on the todo list. Tx.

This is really cool to know.

Just another thought: would this be displayed as Watts or Watts/kg (or both)?

That would be w/kg. I haven’t seen those charts published in watts.

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Looks like I’ll have to finally lose these 2020 Christmas pounds then! :grimacing: