Power Curve with Tag Filter Not Working

I’m trying to filter the power curve view using Tags. When I apply the tag filter, not all the power curves appear.

In this case, I use a “NOT #Test” filter to exclude those activities from the power curve view. I selected This Season, Last Season, and All Time, but only last season and all time are showing.

I don’t have any #Test activities this year, but I have had them in years past.
Two screenshots show unfiltered power curve and the filtered powercurve using the “NOT #Test” filter. In the latter, the “This Season” curve is not showing.

I think I have fixed this and will deploy Tues AM (GMT+2). The #tag filter wasn’t working with “not” if there were no tags on the activity. Tx for the report.

I confirmed it’s working for me now – Thanks for fixing this!

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