Power chart default settings per activity type


Would it be possible to implement different default settings for activity power curve chart per activity type.

My use case would be that I would only have the ‘indoor’ box checked for virtual rides, and only have the ‘outdoor’ box checked for regular rides.

Thank you

If you keep both indoor and outdoor boxes ticked then select “Ride” (outdoor) or “Virtual Ride” (indoor) then it should work?

Hi David,

Below is an image from the activity power page from a recent virtual ride, I’ve unticked the outdoor box so that it only shows data from indoor rides. I can’t see another option to choose the activity type.

If I then view the activity power page for a different outdoor ride, this ‘setting’ is saved and I have to untick/tick the two boxes to see the data from outdoor rides only. Ideally it would be useful to have different defaults per activity type.

Regarding the activity type filter you mentioned, I can find this on the overall power page as shown below.

Please let me know if I am missing something, thanks