Please add A Race type

Please add Triathlon for A, B, C - Race types for calendar entries

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I would love more multisport support as well.

However, I’m mostly okay creating separate races for the different sports at this point. Especially since my uploads from garmin split it into multiple ‘events’ anyway, and intervals will match them up to each of these races.

I can imagine doing that for multisport will be a lot of work on the development side. More than just adding an item to the dropdown.

I would be happy to see only one Tri event instead of 3 separate events in the calendar. So it would be easier to take apart them from another single discipline race. The entering of 3 separate races for each swim/bike/run is my doing as well until now

Do you need a triathlon event type for something specific? Usually I just add a bike race called “Triathlon”. But if I want to estimate the load from the whole race, I add 3 events and enter corresponding durations and intensities

Currently no specific requirements, only cosmetics :innocent:

I would probably to treat “Triathlon” as “Bike” for this. It does cause some complications though so I don’t want to do it right now.


I would alsow like to chose Triathlon in the race list. Just interested in labeling the race as triathlon if possible