PayPal and other payment methods added

You can now subscribe to using PayPal and several other payment methods. The payment methods are selected by Stripe based on the currency and other factors. As far as I know PayPal is only allowed for customers in Europe.

Thanks to everyone supporting! Everyone else please consider subscribing on the settings page. Click the purple button:

Screenshot 2023-09-18 at 21.46.33


Apple Pay, woo hoo, thank you!


nice to see more options!
any significant differences on fees they keep? is one better than others for you?

Tx. PayPal are the most expensive. They have a % rate + a random (large) fixed amount depending on the country or currency of the subscriber. But lots of people (in Europe mostly) don’t have / like using credit cards so it’s better than losing all of them. It took a long time to sort out a PayPal business account or I would have done this long ago.


Apple Pay and iDeal are perfect for me! I will contribute soon.

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Thanks, I cancelled my patreon membership :+1:

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I’ll make my contribution this month! :+1: :+1:

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I’m now a supporter (used Google Pay).

I have been using for a couple of weeks now. Amazing service. Good bye Strava and Trainingpeaks!

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Beautiful! Subscription coming now from me. Thanks for the great work you do.

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My credit card is expiring, so I needed to add the new one to Stripe. Though, after it was done, the old credit card number was still listed on

So I cancelled my subscription, to renew it. But now, I don’t have that “SUPPORT INTERVALS.ICU” button/link. I only have the following message (tr. from French): “Thank you for supporting! Expires Mon Oct 09, 2023.”

Do I need to wait after the Oct. 09 for that button to show again ?

This is a great addition!

I once did a manual Paypal payment in the past, after I complained on the forum about many European people not using creditcards, but could not subscribe since I have no creditcard. And have been using this great site ever since for free. Even while I wanted to support.

The iDeal option was a great addition as well. That is the primary payment method here in the Netherlands and is preferred to Paypal. And probably comes with way less fees as well. So I subscribed using iDeal.

Many people like me probably used your amazing site for free, or only did one payment, even while we were willing to support.

10 euros per 3 months for this amazing site? Totally worth it and you deserve it for all your hard work and frequent updates.

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Hello David,

Perhaps a very bold question, but something I personally would find interesting.

Could you let us know in a month or two how much the new payment options increased revenue?

You are very transparent and also mentioned earlier that was not really part of your income, but more a side project, and the revenue was mostly just needed to cover the costs. The users of your website probably won’t mind at all if the revenue exceeds the costs by a great margin and your time spent gets rewarded as well.

Personally I am really curious what the effect of the other added payment methods is percentage wise.

I understand if you don’t want to share such details, but personally I would find that very interesting. And I hope that I am right and this gives a significant spike in revenue.

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