Pace data for Running

Hi, I have plenty of data to analyse power (kw) for bike but there seems to be nothing for my running pace. Under POWER I see the analysis for power but under RUN there is nothing. Any reason why?2022-03-27_10-22-55

Power and pace are different. Two Q’s:

  1. Do you have a power meter for running, i.e. Stryd?
  2. Are you looking for running Pace analysis (not running Power analysis)?
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Hi Howie, I have a power meter for bike but not for running. I use Pace (Garmin watch) and HR to measure run efforts. Yes, I’m looking for run pace analysis against HR to show improvements in pace at same or lower HR.

Adam, AFAIK pace analysis for running isn’t provided, yet. Perhaps it’s not too difficult to implement since it does already exist for swimming. (But, hey, I’m not a coder. :sunglasses:)

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Howie, not sure what that acronym means but makes me wonder why pace data would be so hard to analyse in the same as bike power data. They are both absolute values aren’t they? If I can’t get analysis on all three facets of triathlon training (swim, bike, run) then its a definite shortcoming that needs rectification.

AFAIK= as far as i know is a developing platform. In as much as it’s a coding thing and dependant upon the underlying structure of the platform, I can’t speak to the difficulty of providing pace data for running. I can assure you, however, that the interest in pace data for running is heard and will undoubtedly be addressed. The ToDo list has a lot on it.

IMHO, is setting the bar for data tracking. I agree that some things seem like gapping holes; I, personally, have become patient in the process because there’s so much other goodness and virtually none of the frustration that I’ve experienced on every other platform.


Thanks for explaining the acronym :rofl: & thanks for letting me know run pace data is on the TDL. So if I was to get a Stryd and then measure pace in power terms would that pick up the pace data so I can start analysing run data?

@Adam_Plummer1, please see my comment above. I saved some edits after your response.

Stryd will provide you with power data. It tracks rather well and is independent of terrain. Pace changes with terrain while the actual load on the body—in running—is more consistent with Power, unless doing a ton of eccentric load training.

Pace data is already being saved and is visible. View the Interval Data of a running activity and be sure to enable Pace in the Fields.

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Howie, as you suggested I have gone in to the last run workout and turned on Pace in the data fields. I see that it is now active for at least the prior 2-3 runs I have done and presumably now that it is active it will now show on all prior & future runs. Does this mean that pace data will now show in POWER under run as this may solve the problem?

I can’t answer that question since I see power data in my running Power Data section. (I have a Stryd.) I personally don’t put much mental effort into tracking pace since it’s so greatly tied to terrain. I primarily watch HR and Power, although I know what paces to expect for flat terrain with various temperatures and levels of fatigue, i.e. winter vs sunny spring in Sweden vs hot day on the Queen-K, and fresh vs a T-run after a long ride.

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Looks like I’m getting a Stryd then. Thanks :grin::+1:

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Pace duration curves are high up on the todo list!


Hey yea would be very nice, I almost submitted a new feature request for this.

Something like the power graph that we have for cycling but for running ? Instead of using power over time we could have time over distance. It’s not a must have but it would be quite useful to monitor progression. (I guess you call that pace analysis :D)